IGBT Snubber (329/X329/DMS)


Capacitance Range:
.01-10 µF

Voltage Range:
600-2000 VDC
250-500 VAC

Plastic Case
Epoxy Filled

IGBT Snubber


ASC™ 329/X329 (IGBT Snubber Capacitors) are designed for high demand environments as well as lower current applications. 

The 329 is a hybrid design combining self healing metallized film and foil to maintain very high peak and RMS currents.  The X329 design utilizes only metallized film for applications that require more moderate peak currents and RMS currents but higher capacitance values. The DMS is a double metallized, self-healing design that can maintain very high peak and RMS currents while reducing price and increasing reliability compared to traditional film foil capacitors. 

Our new standard terminal style (W) meets the latest IGBT products with respect to terminal spacing.  Custom voltage, capacitance values and terminal designs are available. 

Download the Data Sheet (329/X329)

Download the Data Sheet (DMS)