MEC-DL High Humidity Resistance

Capacitance Range:
1.0μF - 100μF

Voltage Range:
450VDC - 1100VDC

Metallized polypropylene film 

DC link and DC filtering, solar inverters, wind power, industrial power supplies, and inverter circuit for appliances.

Shizuki™ MEC-DL HHR capacitors are DC link capacitors with metallized polypropylene film construction. With radial leads and a plastic case, they feature high stability at high temperature and humidity. They are designed with ease of mounting and space utilization in mind. Their internal construction achieves low inductance and very low ESR. These qualities enable the reduction or elimination of the snubber circuit. As a result, they can handle much higher ripple current, and the bulk capacitance can also be reduced. These capacitors have self healing and internal fusing mechanisms in order to achieve higher safety at end of life.

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